Nintendo fans have long been waiting for Mario Kart Tour, which is basically the mobile-friendly version of Mario Kart. Not a lot of details have been revealed about this title which has already been delayed once. It was due to be released in March 2019 but Nintendo confirmed in January that the launch was being pushed back to the summer. The company has now revealed that the Mario Kart Tour beta is going to be released for smartphones next month.

Mario Kart was the next Nintendo game to get the mobile treatment after Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Its arrival on smartphones was confirmed back in January last year so it has indeed been a long wait for fans. Even at that point in time, Nintendo hadn’t revealed much about the game other than its title and the vague release timeline.

The company has now announced a “Closed Beta Test” for Mario Kart Tour. We still don’t know much about this title but at least that’s going to change once the beta is out. It will be available to Android smartphone owners in the United States and Japan between May 22nd and June 4th.

Those who are interested can sign up for the beta through the official Mario Kart Tour website. Do keep in mind that even though the beta is only going to be available for Android, the final game is going to be released for both iOS and Android. The release timeframe is still said to be “summer 2019.”

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