It was confirmed earlier this month that another Nintendo classic will be remade for mobile, the company confirmed that it’s working with mobile partner DeNA to develop Mario Kart Tour for smartphones. Not a lot of detail has been revealed so far about the title but some new information has been uncovered which suggests that similar to some other Nintendo smartphone games, Mario Kart Tour will be “free-to-start.”

Nintendo hasn’t revealed a lot of information as yet about this game. It only confirmed earlier this month that the new mobile game is in development and that it’s going to be released in the fiscal year ending March 2019, which means there’s over a year to go before this title is released.

The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki reports today that DeNA CEO has revealed that Mario Kart Tour is going to be free-to-start. This isn’t unusual for Nintendo’s mobile titles as the company has adopted the same free-to-start or free-to-play approach for other titles as well such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Super Mario Run was a notable exception because it offered players a limited free version and then asked them to pay money if they wanted to unlock the full experience. Some content may remain locked behind a paywall in free-to-start titles as well. More information about the title may only be revealed in the coming months as well still have a long way to go before Nintendo is due to release Mario Kart Tour.

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