Last year, Valve sent out one of the reward items to players who contributed to The International’s prize pool. The reward in question was a Baby Roshan statue. The initial renders and concept showed that the statue would be highly detailed, but what players got was a sad excuse for a reward and definitely not worth the money they had invested.

Valve later apologized and promised that they would fix it. Fast forward about a year later, it looks like Valve is finally ready to start shipping out the replacement statues. In an email that the company sent out to eligible players, “Today, we are pleased to announce that the Collector’s Baby Roshan statue redesign is complete and the shipping phase has begun. Baby Roshan is now physically larger, heavier, and has improved detail.”

For those who are wondering what the fuss was all about, basically, Valve had promised players who reached a certain level in The International a nickel-silver finished version of Baby Roshan in statue form. However, what players received was a cheap finish that did not look like what Valve had initially promised, leading many to be upset.

Valve has also since shared some photos of the original statue that was sent out (pictured left) with the new version (pictured right). The company also noted, “We deeply apologise for the significant delays on these statues, as we had to overcome substantial production challenges to get a reliable process in place.”

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