Amazon is working to build out the capacity this year which will enable it to offer one-day shipping to all of its Prime members with no minimum purchase requirements. It’s already offering that for select items and the one-day shipping incentive will gradually be available on more products as well. In order to speed up that capacity building, Amazon is now giving its own employees a rather interesting business proposition.


The proposition to employees is that if they decide to quit their jobs and start a delivery business for Amazon packages, the company will cover up to $10,000 in startup costs. This offer may help Amazon get more packages delivered to its customers faster.

Thus, the company will cover $10,000 in startup costs for employees that get accepted into the program and then quit their jobs. Not only that, Amazon will also pay them three months worth of their salary when they leave. It’s giving this offer to most of its part time and full time employees. This also includes warehouse workers who pack and ship orders.

Amazon hasn’t said how many employees it expects will take it up on this offer. It’s an extension of the program Amazon launched last year which lets people launch an independent Amazon delivery business.

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