If you take part in Amazon’s latest research project you can get a $25 gift card. The research involves digital 3D scans of people’s bodies and those who agree to do it are given a $25 Amazon gift card. This study is reportedly being conducted by Amazon at two locations in New York City.


Mashable found the online form where interested participants can sign up to take part in a 3D body scan session. The scribe came to know of this study after one of its staff members was targeted by an ad on Instagram.

The form explains that the body scanning study will help the company learn about diversity among body shapes. Individuals and non-Illinois residents over the age of 18 are offered a $25 gift card if they participate in a 30-minute session at one of the company’s offices in New York City. Amazon says that participants’ comments and data will be used “exclusively for internal product research and not for marketing purposes.”

In addition 3D scans, photos and videos of study participants will also be taken in both fully clothed and in “form-fitting” swimwear. Their height and weight measurements will also be collected. The report mentions that all participants are required to sign an NDA so they can’t reveal anything about what they experience or learn during their session.

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