If you were to try and eat something out of the sea alive, you could expect that the creature may not go down without a fight. This is something that a Chinese vlogger found out the hard way when she tried to eat a live octopus on video only to get attacked by it.


Clearly a seafood lover, the vlogger goes by the name “seaside girl Little Seven” on Chinese platform Kuaishou. She was streaming a video to her followers in which he planned on eating the octopus live. Little did she know that the octopus had other plans.

As you can probably imagine, the octopus stuck its tentacles to her face really hard so much so that she had trouble prying them free. The struggle with the octopus left a small, bloody wound on her cheek. “She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too,” commented one user, which you can say is a kind of poetic justice after all for the octopus.

The vlogger hasn’t given up on her intention to devour the octopus, though. She said in her video that she will eat the octopus in her next video. One can bet that the next time around, she’ll make sure that the octopus doesn’t try and eat her instead.

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