When it comes to handheld gaming consoles, it’s really hard to beat the likes of Nintendo and their DS-series of handheld consoles. However, it seems that Nintendo could be getting a challenger in the form of a console called Playdate. This device was created by Panic, better known as the publisher of popular indie title Firewatch.

The Playdate console is rather unique in terms of its design, where it actually features a small crank on its side. What does the crank do? Basically it acts as a controller where there will be some games played on the console that will actually be able to take advantage of it. We suppose it is rather clever, although we are a bit worried about it breaking off during transit.

The console itself will feature a 2.7-inch monochrome LCD from Sharp with a resolution of 400×200, meaning that this console is not designed to be a high-powered gaming console. There will be a D-pad and two physical buttons used to control its games. Speaking of games, Panic has opted for a rather unique method of game distribution.

The console will come preloaded with one game but there will be an entire “season” worth of games, bringing the total to 12. These games are expected to be released on a weekly basis until the season is complete. The console is priced at $149 which includes the cost of the 12 games, with pre-orders expected to open later in the year and a release set for 2020.

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