Ever wanted to drive a tank while being in the lap of luxury? That’s basically the concept this Russian car vlogger had in mind when he set about to create an “Ultratank” in August last year. The end result is a Bentley Continental GT that’s kitted with massive tank treads to lay claim to the title of an “Ultratrank.”

Kosik, the vlogger, has been working on this project since last year. He has documented the entire journey in a series of videos on his YouTube channel right up until the final reveal of the Ultratank this week.

He fitted giant tank treads to the Bentley Continental GT in addition to making other adjustments to the car because the tank treads and obviously not a plug-and-play fit for the road car. What he’s managed to create is something that you’ll definitely want to move over for if you spot it in your rear view mirror.

Imagine going on a school run in the morning in this beast! It may not be perfectly road legal but it would most certainly decimate anything that comes in its way. Perhaps that’s why it’s best to not drive your Ultratank on public roads in the first place.

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