Electronic Arts launched its EA Access game subscription service almost five years ago for the Xbox One. The service enables subscribers to pay a monthly fee in return for which they get access to a substantial library of EA titles. The service has never been available on the PlayStation 4 but that’s set to change next month. EA has confirmed that EA Access is going to launch on the PS4 on July 24th.

It was actually Sony that rejected EA Access for the PlayStation 4 back in 2014 because it made all the sense in the world for EA to offer this service on both major gaming platforms. It had no reason to choose Xbox over PlayStation but it couldn’t serve the latter because Sony didn’t allow it. It’s unclear what made Sony change its mind but it has now been officially confirmed that EA Access for PS4 will be available starting July 24th.

The pricing terms remain the same as they are on the Xbox One. For $5 per month or $30 per year, subscribers get access to dozens of EA titles which includes games such as Battlefield and some of EA’s popular sports titles. Subscribers also get pre-release trials and a 10 percent discount on purchases of game downloads.

Do bear in mind that the subscriptions are tied to each platform. Just because you already pay for EA Access on Xbox One doesn’t mean that you can get it on PS4 as well. You’ll have to pay for it separately on Sony’s console.

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