Valve’s Half-Life 3 is kind of like the unicorn of video games at the moment. This is because at this point in time, no one knows for sure if the company ever plans on releasing the title. However, if you’re one of the many gamers who have been hoping for good news, recent comments made by Valve’s Gabe Newell has renewed our hope for the game.

Speaking at the Valve Index part, Newell was quoted as saying, “In our history at Valve we have had a lot of significant milestones. Index is another one of those critical milestones for our company… it represents a significant breakthrough in the field.”

He added, “Milestones aren’t really the end of anything. They’re really the beginning. So Half-Life led to Half-Life 2, Source led to Source 2, the experiments that we did with Team Fortress 2 were what enabled us to build Dota. Artifact is the reason we’re able to do Underlords. So, maybe someday the number 2 will lead us to that shiny integer glowing on a mountain someplace… we’ll just have to see.”

While this is by no means a confirmation that Half-Life 3 is in development, Newell’s comments certainly suggest that the company is open to the idea of a Half-Life 3, but whether or not they’ll go through with it remains to be seen.

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