Always-On displays are very useful since they show important information such as the time or notification without lighting up the whole display. This doesn’t just make it easier on the eyes at night but also helps conserve battery life. However, since it doesn’t support palm rejection, merely taking your phone out of your pocket will cause the display to light up. One user has requested Google to develop this feature for the Always-On display and the company is doing just that.

The request was initiated on the Google Issue Tracker late last month. The writer calls on Google to include the palm rejection feature in Android Q for Always-On display, adding that “most people don’t intend for the screen to turn on unless they deliberately tap the screen twice, usually somewhere in the middle clock area.”

The issue tracker is a great resource for people to get in touch with Google regarding their suggestions and the company often responds to the ones it finds interesting. Google responded to this user’s suggestion last week, saying that this feature will be available in “later releases.”

Whether or not it will be included in the very first Android Q public release remains to be seen. It’s not due to arrive for a few months.

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