Microsoft’s Android port of its Office productivity apps is quite solid. You can get some serious work done on Android devices using these apps. However, if you’re using a fairly old device, you may want to take note, as Microsoft is discontinuing support for Office mobile apps on older Android devices.

Microsoft has updated the system requirements for the Office mobile apps without much fanfare. It’s not surprising to see that this has happened as the move is meant to ensure that users get the best possible experience with the apps. That can often no longer be possible on devices that become outdated.

The updated system requirements mention that many Office apps for Android will cease to work on devices that are running on Android KitKat and Lollipop. The apps will continue to work on devices running on these OS versions throughout the month of June but the support will end after that.

Users who heavily rely on these apps to get work done on their mobile devices just need to make sure that they’re not using older devices. If they are, the only alternative here is to either upgrade the phone or look for another suite of productivity apps that’s compatible with Android Kit and Lollipop versions.

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