It may have seemed odd but a report earlier this week claimed that CD Projekt RED was working on three separate Cyberpunk 2077 projects which include the game that is due for the PC and consoles later this year. The company has now clarified the misunderstanding and confirmed that it’s not working on three separate projects.

A representative for CD Projekt Red confirmed to GameSpot that there are no three different Cyberpunk 2077 projects, rather three different studios who are working on the game. The rep added that a total of five teams are working on this project with three focused on developing Cyberpunk 2077.

These include CD Projekt Red Warsaw and Kraków who are in charge of the main game while the Wrocław has 40 industry specialists working on technology research and development. There’s also a separate and dedicated team at the Warsaw studio working on the development of Gwent. Spokko is the final team that’s working on a new mobile project that’s yet to be announced.

So it appears that a slight misunderstanding is what caused the frenzy about there being three different Cyberpunk 2077 projects. That’s just not the case. The reality is that there are three different studios that are working on the game that was announced amid much fanfare at E3 this year.

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