France announced the creation of its own space ford earlier this month. The new branch will be tasked with defending the country’s satellites. It seems that the space force will be quite serious when it comes to protecting the satellites. France has announced a program which will develop nano satellites that tout guns and lasers.

France’s Minister of Defense Florence Parly revealed that the company is going to reallocate €700 million from the overall military budget for space defense. It also aims to spend over €4.3 billion on this branch by 2025.

This money will be utilized to upgrade the country’s Syracuse military communications satellite network that’s operated by the French Navy. The military wants to develop new satellites that have cameras which can help identify potential threats and even more deadly versions that are packing submachine guns and lasers in order to disable and attack other satellites.

The Ministry of Defense is also of the view that France should have the capability to launch swarms of nano satellites in orbit so that strategic objects can be protected. That’s in addition to developing the ability to launch satellites quickly so that the ones that are lost can be replaced without losing any valuable time. The military wants these systems in place by 2030.

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