Ustwo Games is behind one of the most loved mobile games ever, Monument Valley. Fans of the title will be delighted to know that there’s a new experience being developed. Ustwo Games has confirmed today that Monument Valley 3 is currently in development.

Apart from confirming that it’s building a new Monument Valley experience, the developer has confirmed nothing else about the iteration. The confirmation itself comes in the form of a job posting.

The studio is looking for a new game director who will lead the creative vision for Monument Valley 3. This explains why it doesn’t have any more details to offer today since the project appears to be in the very early stages at this point in time.

The original Monument Valley puzzler was launched back in 2014 and it quickly became popular because of its beautiful visuals. A sequel was then launched in 2017 which focused more on characters and creating a comprehensive story for those characters. Ustwo Games took everyone by surprise as it actually announced and launched Monument Valley on the same day.

Since the word is already out about Monument Valley 3 that element of surprise may be gone but Ustwo Games can certainly surprise everyone by just launching the game out of the blue on one fine day.

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