Owners of GeForce RTX GPUs, particularly professionals, will be happy with the announcement that NVIDIA has made today. The company has confirmed it’s going to roll out a new Studio driver update for these GPUs which finally brings support for 30-bit (10bpc) color support in OpenGL applications. This applies for both GeForce and Titan GPUs.


What this goes to show is that the GeForce RTX GPUs indeed had 10-bit OpenGL support from the get go. It was only a matter of enabling software support for this feature. It does allow for parity between the GeForce RTX and Quadro RTX GPUs. However, the latter still features more memory that’s ECC-enabled.

This is a pretty big improvement as it will remove a lot of hurdles for professionals who weren’t thrilled about the lack of support. They had to buy an expensive Quadro RTX card if they wanted to extract the maximum out of their 10-bit HDR monitor for video or photo editing. They will now be able to get the same feature from their GeForce RTX GPU as well.

NVIDIA will be rolling out this new Studio driver shortly. It adds support for 10-bit color to all GPUs in OpenGL-powered apps like Adobe Photoshop CC, Premier CC, and more.

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