Smartphone manufacturers love to boast about the screen-to-body ratio of their products and they have been involved in a constant race to outperform their rivals. They have tried a lot of different methods to achieve the maximum screen-to-body ratios possible, such as pop-up cameras and sliding mechanisms for the camera system. A new rumor now claims that Vivo has a smartphone up its sleeve with an “over 100%” screen-to-body ratio.

The rumor comes from @UniverseIce on Twitter who claims that this device, which may be launched as the Vivo Nex 3, is going to have a glass surface which extends just so that it can wrap around the device’s entire body.

However, it’s claimed that the display is only going to be up until the point where the edges are perpendicular to the result of the service. To further maximize the ratio, we can imagine that Vivo will go for a no-notch, no punch hole affair and opt for a pop-up or sliding camera instead.

That should give the marketing department enough impetus to write up claims how the Vivo Nex 3 has an industry defining screen-to-body ratio of over 100 percent. Vivo hasn’t said at this point in time when it may launch the Nex 3. Furthermore, there’s always the possibility that this rumor may turn out to be false.

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