At Gamescon, Dell launched the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop, a small but potentially powerful gaming tower. It’s the first computer from the new Dell G-Series.

This gaming PC can accept a wide range of options to serve a vast array of customers with prices starting from $630 with an Intel Core i3 processor and going all the way to the Intel Core i9 9900K ($$$).

GPUs from both NVIDIA (GTX 1660 Ti to RTX 2080) and AMD (Radeon RX560X) are available with 4GB to 8GB of video memory.

This product is for gamers that aren’t quite yet to pay extra to get an Alienware gaming PC. The neatly designed chassis has a low-key, but agreeable design. Neatly organized inside, the components are easily accessible, and the tower has very good upgradability levels (including three storage bays), for the intended market.

The Blue LED and the optional clear side panel might make it look slightly more “gamey,” but overall the chassis’ appearance isn’t flashy at all.

That said, keep in mind that the Dell G-Series is not intended to be an extreme gaming platform, with options such as overclocking or liquid-cooling not being offered at purchase time, although nothing prevents you from adding it yourself later…

Overclocking is not supported at the motherboard level, so that’s quite an upgrade to get a relatively small boost in performance and we don’t expect many people to opt for this. Also, the 480-Watt power supply might limit which graphics processors you can ultimately use, but users can upgrade for generations to come if the new GPU’s power envelope remains similar.

In conclusion, the Dell G5 (model 5090) is an excellent option for a relatively affordable gaming PC. It looks and plays great and is somewhat future-proof for the vast majority of users. Those who want a more powerful rig can opt for a more expensive brand, or of course, build their system.

Here’s a screenshot of the specifications, from the official Dell media documents:

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