We have come such a long way in terms of technology, where something that required a lot of resources back then don’t. Take for example Blizzard’s original Diablo game. It was released back in 1996 where it helped popularize the action RPG genre, but fast forward 23 years, you can actually relive the game in your browser.

Yup, you read that right, you can actually play through the original Diablo in your browser. This is thanks to the efforts of GalaXyHaXz, a developer who is part of the Devilution Diablo fan project whose goal was to reconstruct the original Diablo’s source code. According to the team, “In order to ensure that everything is preserved, Devilution keeps everything as it was originally designed. This goes as far as bugs and badly written code in the original game. With that it serves as a base for developers to work with, making it much easier than before to update, fix, and port the game to other platforms.”

Once the code was reconstructed, a mod group called Rivsoft then made the game playable in your browser. All you’ll need to do is head on over to Rivsoft’s website, download the source code, and you’ll be good to go. However, we should note that this is not the full version of the game, which we imagine will probably result in copyright issues with Blizzard.

Instead, the version available is the shareware version of the game where you’ll only get to play the first two parts of the dungeon as the warrior class.

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