At the moment, most modern day computers rely on the USB 3.1 port or USB-C. However, it seems that in 2020, we can start looking forward to computers relying on a new standard in the form of USB4. This is according to an announcement by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in which they have announced that they have finalized the tech specs for the new standard.

In case you’re hearing this for the first time, USB4 is expected to be the new standard for connectivity in the future. One of its upsides is that it will use the same form factor as USB-C, meaning that you will no longer need to worry about finding the right side up unlike current USB-A ports.

It also dual-lane 40Gbps speeds which puts it on par with Thunderbolt 3, bringing speedy transfer rates to users who might not have Thunderbolt 3 ports on their computers. It is also double the speed of USB 3.2 which is unfortunately still something of a rarity these days as most computers and accessories still largely rely on USB 3.1.

There is no word on when we will be seeing USB4 integrated into computers and accessories, but now that the tech specs have been completed, the onus is now on manufacturers to include them, which we expect will most likely happen in 2020.

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