A lot of us have imagined being a super soldier that we usually see on a sci-fi movie.

Now, the U.S military seems to have a plan to turn their soldiers to sci-fi combat-ready humans by enhancing their senses, making them stronger, and wiring their brains to the computer.

Technically, that sounds a lot. But, it definitely sounds like an interesting idea.

As per a report on Army Times, the cyborg soldiers could be here by 2050. The military tech that will be involved here could be a huge step up for the augmented technology in general.

Even though it is something cool, we cannot be sure how useful or dangerous it might turn out to be.

While their brains will be wired to a computer, this will give them the ability to control pilotless vehicles and more limitless functionalities.

However, the report also warns about the potential imbalances and inequalities that might come to the light after the augmented human soldiers arrive.

For now, everything seems to be ‘too good to be true’ – but we have to look forward to the progress to get clarity on how augmented humans could help shape the future.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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