call of dutyGames such as Call of Duty definitely benefit from being played with physical controllers. Whether you’re a believer in using gamepads or using a keyboard and mouse combination, we’re sure that most of us can agree that using a physical controller is miles better than using on-screen controls.

Now, previously we had heard that support for controllers will eventually come to Call of Duty: Mobile, and now in a community update shared on Reddit, the developers have stated that support will be coming “soon”. “Just a quick note, but we are planning to release controller support soon and are just finalizing the specifics of how it will be working in the game, specifically with matchmaking. Keep checking back for more on this as we get closer to release.”

It also seems that the developers are planning on separating gamers who use controllers apart from those who don’t. It has been pointed out before that gaming on a controller gives players an advantage over those who don’t, so it wouldn’t necessarily be fair to pair those gamers together as it could result in an uneven matchup.

However, the downside is that if there aren’t enough players playing with controllers, those players could end up waiting a longer time to get into games. We imagine that those are some of the issues the developers are trying to figure out, but hopefully gamers won’t have to wait too long.

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