We have seen Tencent making a lot of games (especially for the mobile platform). You must be aware of games like PUBG.

Now, it looks like it might be making plans to target the US audience with some games involving Nintendo characters for consoles.

This is not an official announcement – however, the Wall Street Journal reports otherwise.

As per the report, Tencent might be looking to leverage its partnership with Japan’s Nintendo Co. to develop games for U.S consumers.

Of course, Nintendo’s IP for the characters is not an easy catch. However, the existing partnership of Nintendo and Tencent to sell more Switch devices does hint at a potential move from Tencent in some way.

Maybe the Nintendo characters in question will remain protected but Tencent might end up developing something else to promote exclusively on Switch. Who knows?

This may not be a concern if Nintendo somehow keeps its characters protected from Tencent’s control while also being able to form a partnership for a game.

But, Tencent potentially has the capacity to acquire Nintendo’s IP for its games to target U.S consumers.

On the other hand, Nintendo is also known for its good decisions in the gaming industry. So, it is highly unlikely that it would join hands to develop a cash-grab game with Tencent.

So, we just have to take this with a pinch of salt unless there’s an official update on it and we will make sure to update this story with a follow-up.

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