We get that there are a lot of car and motorbike enthusiasts out there, and if you fall into the latter camp, then you might be interested in checking out Lenovo’s latest laptop offering in the form of the Lenovo Ducati 5, which as the name seems to imply, is being aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts.

However, what makes this laptop interesting is the fact that it is more than just a paint job and also how it is a limited edition device. Lenovo only plans on making 12,000 units of this laptop and with it being priced at around $1,000, we imagine that it should be snapped up pretty quickly.

As for its design, according to Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group’s Vice President of Design, Brian Leonard, “Sports exhausts on Ducati bikes have a hexagon “honeycomb” shape vs. the circular hole shape customary to our air vents so we customized them to match. We added a pop of red inside the power well for a more punch-up look under the hinge. Fans will spot the special stitching pattern on the sleeve that matches the detailing on Ducati’s bike seats.”

He adds, “We also mirrored the unconventional way Ducati uses the effect of negative space on their machines by allowing the metallic grey materials underneath to shine through—we picked special aluminum materials and underglazed logo to imitate those heavy metal details.”

As for the specs of the laptop, we’re looking at a 14-inch HD display, 8GB of RAM, WiFI 6, a 1TB SSD, and multiple USB-C ports.

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