Taking notes on a computer or tablet is a great idea because you can digitize it, it’s neater, and you can make multiple copies easily and share it with others. However, there are some who prefer taking notes by hand, and it has been suggested in previous studies that taking notes by hand is more effective for studying compared to typing it down.

If you do prefer taking your notes by hand but want to digitize it at the same time, then the reMarkable 2 tablet could be worth checking out. While tablets already support stylus for writing and drawing, what makes the reMarkable 2 different is that it offers a paper-like experience so that the process of writing and the way it looks feels more like you’re writing on paper compared to a tablet.

This is thanks to the use of e-ink technology, which not only makes notes look like they’re written on paper, but also offers much better battery life. According to the company, the reMarkable 2 tablet will be able to last for weeks on end, meaning you don’t need to worry about the tablet running out of battery mid-note taking.

The tablet will also have the ability to convert handwritten notes into text, and also let users organize, share, and annotate their notes. The reMarkable 2 tablet is set for a launch this June where it will be priced at $399, along with a $49 Marker stylus or the Marker Plus stylus that comes with a built-in eraser at the top.

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