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reMarkable 2 Is A Tablet That Offers A Paper-Like Note-Taking Experience
Taking notes on a computer or tablet is a great idea because you can digitize it, it’s neater, and you can make multiple copies easily and share it with others. However, there are some who prefer taking notes by hand, and it has been suggested in previous studies that taking notes by hand is more effective for studying compared to typing it down.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Review
The touch activated dual-display Yoga Book C930  is a “one a kind” computing device that cannot be categorized under any existing market segment since it is neither a laptop nor a tablet and cannot be viewed only as a note-taking product or a 2-in-1 tablet. That is why, unlike our typical reviews, it is difficult to compare it to any mobile computing product currently available.The successor of the first Yoga […]

Paperlike Is An E-Ink Display You Can Use As A Secondary Monitor
Due to the size of our monitors, there is only so much information we can fit on it. This means that at the end of the day, there will still be a lot of alt-tabbing back and forth between windows if you have many open. Obviously this can be inefficient and you could always get a secondary monitor, but why give yourself eye-strain?

Sydney Starts Deploying E-Ink Traffic Signs
Traffic signs are put up all the time to warn drivers about no-parking zones, work being done on roads, potential traffic hazards, stop signs, road closures, and etc. These signs do not come cheap as it was estimated that the city of Los Angeles has spent $9.5 million putting up a variety of traffic-related signs.So much so that over in Sydney, Australia, it seems that the government has decided that […]


Vikaura Screen Sports An E Ink Display
A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Well, instead of texting your feelings, or saying it out loud over the phone, there are times when you need not type or speak a single word – but to send an expressive photo of yourself to a particular recipient, and know how that image would mean so much to the recipient, perhaps even lifting one up from the […]

E-Ink Could See Action As “Wall Paint” In The Future
[CES 2015] When it comes to e-ink displays, this technology has been touted to be fantastic in their own right as they require very little juice to function – which means the ability to last for days – and perhaps even weeks, on a single battery charge, and again, depending on the capacity of the battery. However, most of the time, e-ink displays have operated in the world of black […]

E-phone Concept Believes In The Beauty Of E-ink Displays
If there is one particular feature that smartphone OEMs love to boast about it would be the displays on their phone. For Samsung, it is the use of their Super AMOLED technology that gives off the vibrant colors found on most high-end Galaxy Android handsets, while Sony loves to boast about their Bravia technology, and Apple with their Retina displays. This is why it doesn’t really make sense for a […]

Oaxis' InkCase Plus Adds An E-Ink Display To Your Smartphone
One of the more unique features of e-ink displays is that they use a lot less power compared to regular smartphone displays, meaning that e-ink devices like the Kindle e-readers can usually last quite a while before requiring a recharge. Now if you’d like to bring that battery saving feature to your current smartphone, you can, thanks to Oaxis’ InkCase Plus.This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of e-ink displays […]

E Ink Introduces Fina E-Reader
E Ink has come up with some pretty interesting displays in the past, and this time around, we have a new kind of screen technology from the folks over at E Ink that they call Fina. Fina will rely on technology which makes use of an extremely thin glass substrate which will supposedly end up eventually in displays that measure less than 50% where thickness and weight are concerned, especially […]

E Ink And Their Carta Next-Gen Display Technology
Amazon recently unveiled their latest generation Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader, and of course, it goes without saying that Amazon could never have arrived at such an “achievement” unless they had some help from other manufacturers. Case in point, E Ink, being a long time name that has been associated in the e-book reader industry, has managed to work on its next-gen display technology which is known as “Carta.” E Ink […]

Comfort Cast Helps You Update Doctors, Facebook While Your Bones Heal
Last month, we caught wind of a 3d-printed cast that is able to give your wounded area, such as your arm, some much needed ventilation as it helps heal your busted bones, and is also recyclable. We thought the concept was pretty neat, but the concept of the Comfort Cast makes us want to go play in traffic in hopes we’ll limp off with a broken bone or seven.

British Airways Introduces Reusable E-Ink Luggage Tags
British Airways has teamed up with Designworks to offer a reusable luggage tag that uses e-ink.

E Ink Android Handset Gets 1-Week Battery Life
If you are out in the market looking for a high end flagship smartphone for your mobile communication needs (and some gaming on the side too, of course), then you would do well to give this story a miss. After all, who would want an Android 2.3 Gingerbread device in this day and age? The handset in question that we are talking about here is the E Ink Android phone, […]

Concept Keyboard Feature E-Ink Keycaps
Keyboards are more or less the same and it’s quite hard to “improve” on it, apart from ergonomics which some might disregard over features like macro buttons, mechanical keys and etc., which basically means that it really boils down to the preference of the user. However wouldn’t it be somewhat of a novel idea of the keys on our keyboards were actually dynamic in the sense that they could change […]

E Ink is dying because of tablets
E Ink recently announced its financial results and it looks like the screen technology isn’t doing too well, thanks to the surge of interest in tablets. Apparently the company’s revenue for January was only slightly above $48 million – 63% down year on year and 11% month on month, which is a pretty rapid decline. Despite that, the company is hopeful that its yearly results will show a 5% increase […]

Phosphor World Time Sport watch has an E Ink display
Phosphor, a company known for its watches, has just announced the launch of its new World Time Sport watch: a sleek, modern and tech-savvy watch that features an E Ink display and doesn’t require buttons to operate. The watch features multiple modes that are selected with swipes on the display. It can show the time of day + world time, time of day + calendar, time of day large, time […]

Sony Reader Wi-Fi
In addition to its tablets, Sony is launching its new elegant Reader Wi-Fi that features a 6-inch e-ink Pearl V220 glare-free touch screen display which gives access to over 2 million titles from the Sony Reader Store. The company partnered with over 11,000 public libraries across the country to allow users to wirelessly borrow e-books from their local library.The Sony Reader Wi-Fi now offers pinch and zoom and the ability […]

Credit card gets E Ink display for safer online shopping experience
E Ink displays aren’t just for e-book readers, as they have now been put to good use on, of all places, credit cards. Yes, those pieces of plastic which tend to have you pay much more than you actually can afford because you lack the financial nous and discipline. When placed in a credit card, it will help in security issues whenever you make online purchases, as each time you […]

Bookeen shows off real-time scrolling and web browsing on E-Ink screens
Bookeen, a company that’s been known for making HD videos play on E-Ink screens has recently unveiled a new trick that it’s managed to pull off: real-time web browsing and scrolling. They recently released a video clip showing off the feature and it looks pretty sweet. What’s impressive about it is that it can be done on hardware that’s already available on the market – it’s just customized software.No word […]

Microsoft shows off new E-Ink tablets that can work with each other
At the CHI 2011 conference, Microsoft Research demonstrated a new tablet that can work well in conjunction with multiple tablets. Acting like a multi display set up, users can drag content from one screen onto another, and even use both screens to browse the same book simultaneously. In this case, a text book that shows up as two pages at once, one on each tablet.The idea is to have these […]