Mesh routers are great if you’re looking to blanket your home in WiFi and could be a way to help speed up your internet if your part of the home doesn’t have particularly good coverage. Now, there are many mesh routers in the market today, but if you’d like to stay on top of things and keep yourself futureproofed, ASUS might have something for you.

The company has recently taken the wraps off their latest mesh router system in the form of the ASUS ZenWiFi AX Mini. ASUS is no stranger to the mesh router game, but these models are priced at $300 and support the new WiFi 6 standard. This in theory means that the routers will support faster connections, although how fast your internet is will also depend on other factors, but on paper it should help squeeze out the most from your current internet.

The new ZenWiFi AX Mini also comes in at $300 making it more affordable than the company’s ZenWiFi AX which is priced at $450. It also comes in a three-pack which means that it is cheaper than Google’s Nest WiFi which doesn’t support WiFi 6, although it does double up as a smart speaker so there’s that.

The downside to these routers is that there is no support for USB, meaning that you can’t really use it as some kind of pseudo home server setup or cloud storage where you can stream files from a USB drive to multiple devices. There are, however, two gigabit LAN ports so you can use it wired if you wish.

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