Given how much hype there was surrounding the release of Cyberpunk 2077, and all of the numerous delays, you would think that CD Projekt Red would have ironed out the major issues with the game. However, that was not the case as many players ran into various issues, especially those playing it on console.

So much so that we heard reports that Sony was apparently refunding PS4 and PS5 gamers who requested for it. That being said, the folks at CD Projekt Red have since come forward with a statement shared on Twitter in which they acknowledge the issues and have made a promise to console gamers that they will fix it.

According to the developer, they will be releasing two major patches that are designed to fix the problem. The first major patch is expected to drop in January, and the second in February, with these patches expected to fix the major issues that gamers are facing. The developers caution that it won’t make the game on a last-gen console look like it’s on a next-gen console, but they claim it will be a “closer” experience.

They have also expressed their understanding if gamers want a refund if they’re not satisfied, claiming that they will do their best to help if the official channels are not being particularly helpful in processing their refunds.

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