With laptops such as the ThinkPad X1, Lenovo had an edge when it came to weight. However, you could find thinner laptops, a category that is very popular among business buyers. The ThinkPad X1 Titanium  Yoga is changing that with its 0.45-inch thinness.

The ThinkPad X1 Titanium  Yoga is a 13.5-inch laptop equipped with a 3:2 aspect-ratio + 2K display. This aspect ratio is recognized as being the best for productivity purposes, and users (including me) have been nagging at Lenovo for -years- to get a 3:2 display! Let’s celebrate shortly, then get back to work.

Additionally, the display supports Dolby Vision HDR and is certified for Dolby Atmos, so it should be an excellent multimedia system.

The Titanium material (it’s probably an alloy, instead of “pure” Titanium) lets Lenovo build this super-thin, ultralight, laptop without compromising any of the durability features that all ThinkPad X should have, including the MIL-STD-810 certification. In any case, Lenovo had me at “Titanium” anyway because the material is just legendary.

As its name indicate, the X1 Titanium Yoga is a multimode computer and can fold at 360-degrees in “Tablet mode,” something it will excel at, given how thin and light it is. Oh, did we mention the 1.99 Lbs weight (907g)?

Not surprisingly, this laptop is powered by Intel’s latest Core i7 11th Gen processor, but it is the Intel vPro version. vPro is a favorite enterprise feature because it helps with security and fleet management. Many business laptops recently had to use the 10th Gen vPro Intel CPUs while waiting for the 11th Gen vPro versions to arrive.

Pair this processor with a maximum of 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage, and you have more than enough power than the typical executive owner will need for the next couple of years (until MS Outlook manages to get even slower).

The cherry on the cake is the Thunderbolt 4 (TB4) connectivity or the 5G broadband option. Ideally, you would want both. This laptop starts at $1,899 and should ship “this month,” so prepare your credit card or sell some Satoshis.

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