Right now, the latest NVIDIA GeForce cards are its 30 series. However, if you’ve been trying to build your own PC, you might have realized that their GPUs are a bit hard to come by as people have been snapping them up pretty quickly. To address GPU shortages, it seems that NVIDIA has done something a bit unconventional.

According to a report from PCWorld, it appears that NVIDIA has since re-released its GTX 1050 Ti. But wait, isn’t that from half a decade ago? Yup, that’s the exact same card. Now obviously the 1050 Ti isn’t meant to be used by professional gamers who need to have the best possible graphics, but it will be an alternative for those who don’t run particularly demanding games and who need a new GPU.

If you’re someone who hasn’t upgraded in a while, this could be a good choice. According to NVIDIA, the company claims that technically the 1050 Ti hasn’t reached its end of life status yet, meaning that while it’s old, it’s still supported. That being said though, you’ll want to keep an eye on the prices.

The 1050 Ti was originally launched for $140 in 2016 but it seems that due to the shortage, resellers are marking them up to $400 or more which isn’t a very good deal.

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