Lenovo just announced the Legion Phone Duel 2, its second-generation smartphone built specifically for gaming. We previously reviewed the original Legion Phone Duel handset and were pleased with its innovation, performance, and price.

The Legion Phone Duel 2 is an evolution rather than last year’s revolution, but it does improve on crucial points that directly impact the gaming experience.

The core feature of any gaming phone is absolute performance, and more importantly, sustained absolute performance. We’re not running benchmarks here, but actual games that will tax the system and build severe heat for 30, 45, or 120 minutes gaming sessions.

To handle that heat, Lenovo uses two small fans connected to copper heatsinks and vapor chambers to dissipate the heat much faster than classic phones ever could.

To make this happen, Lenovo has designed an intake and exhaust system inside the camera bump, which becomes very prominent but uses the same internal space for two functions – good idea!

To reach a maximum rendering speed (check the benchmarks), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor is utilized to its full thermal potential. This chip brings higher power efficiency as well. Qualcomm also has a plethora of gaming features that you might want to discover.

The above are the essential upgrades, in my opinion, but not the only ones that we may go over in an in-depth review. The new phone retains many other attributes from its predecessor: powerful Selfie camera, landscape-oriented design, fast dual-charge system, 144 Hz display, and more.

The phone’s availability and pricing information is still emerging, but we know that it will start shipping in April in China under the Legion Phone 2 Pro. In Europe, a 12GB/256GB version will retail for 799 Euros, while the 16GB/512GB one will sell for 999 Euros. There’s no word on the US market at the moment.

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