When you run certain intensive games or applications on your computer, your PC can get hot. This is normal, but what’s not normal is when you try to play a game and your GPU gets bricked. This is apparently what’s happening to gamers who are taking part in Amazon’s New World MMORPG beta.

According to a post on Reddit, it seems that there are some gamers who have gotten their GPUs bricked while playing the game. Apparently what’s happening is that because the menu screen of the game doesn’t have an FPS cap, which we’re not sure if it’s by design or forgotten, it cranks it up to 9,000 fps.

Using tricks like V-sync or fps caps don’t work because it only kicks in when players start to play the game, not while in the menus. That being said, it seems that there is a chance it could be brand and model related. Users who are reporting the problem are apparently using EVGA’s RTX 3090 GPU, although there are some users who are reporting that they are using 3080 or 2080 units.

Amazon has since responded to the issue by giving users some tips on how to avoid the problem, but they did not mention anything about those who have bricked the GPUs and if they might do something for those gamers, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Amazon or any of the GPU makers will perhaps at least offer gamers a new unit or fix their bricked ones.

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