Wireless charging isn’t exactly new, but Apple tried to find creative ways of using it by launching MagSafe, a magnetic puck that attaches to the back of the iPhone and charges it wirelessly. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t see many Android manufacturers rush out and create something similar, but it looks like we finally have a contender in Realme.

Realme, the sister company to Oppo and OnePlus, has announced its own take on MagSafe in the form of MagDart. In concept, this is similar to what Apple is trying to do with MagSafe, but MagDart seems to be a better solution because it is considerably more powerful. Instead of the MagSafe’s paltry 15W output, Realme’s MagDart is capable of putting out 50W, meaning that it can charge up your phone almost as fast (if not faster) as a wired connection.

The downside here is that the MagDart charger is massive, but that’s the sacrifice you’ll have to make to get 50W of power. This is because it will also need to house an active cooling system to help prevent overheating. There will be a slimmer 15W version that’s more in line with the MagSafe, so you can opt for that if space and size are concerns of yours.

In addition to the charger, Realme has also debuted several other accessories that will take advantage of the MagDart system. We’re talking about charging stands, power banks, a wallet, and even a Beauty Light attachment that can help provide additional lighting for your selfies.

As for compatibility, it will work with the Realme GT, but users will need to purchase a separate case that adds magnetic charging to the device. There is also no word on pricing, but presumably more info should be released later on.

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