iOS 15 Removes Key Do Not Disturb Feature And Users Are Upset

With the release of iOS 15, Apple has made some changes and tweaks to some of the existing features in iOS. One of those changes is to Do Not Disturb, which in previous builds was rather simple and straightforward – enable it and your calls and notifications will be silenced until you turn it back on.

However, iOS 15 “upgraded” it into a new Focus Mode that gives users more control over their notifications, which is a good thing, but at the same time it appears that Apple has removed a feature from Do Not Disturb that quite a few users on Reddit have expressed their dissatisfaction over.

Basically the older version of Do Not Disturb gave users the option of silencing calls and notifications only when their phone was locked. This meant that while Do Not Disturb was enabled but the user was still actively using their phone, they would still be able to get notifications as long as their phone was unlocked.

However, this option seems to have vanished in iOS 15 as there does not appear to be an equivalent setting. For some users, this is a deal breaker because some users have opted to keep their phone in Do Not Disturb mode permanently.

The closest thing we could see to replicating that feature would be to allow specific apps an exemption to Do Not Disturb mode, but then again it’s not quite the same. We’re not sure if Apple is listening and if they may bring the old feature back, but until they do, maybe it’s time to just get used to this.

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