The Do Not Disturb (aka DND) mode on iOS 11 was not much useful – a lot of users request for a change (to make it more accessible and useful). And, finally, we have an improved DND feature on iOS 12.

But, how to enable the DND mode? And, what are the features associated with the DND feature? Let us take a closer look at it in this article.

How do you enable DND mode on your iOS device?

DND on iOS 12

The DND mode can be activated by default from the control center. So, first, you need to swipe up to bring up the control center on iOS 12 (as shown in the image above). You will find the DND icon as the shape of a crescent moon (refer to the image above) in the control center.

Now, you just need to tap on it to activate it. If you need a few basic DND option presets, tap and hold the icon to get the option as shown in the image below.

How do you configure the DND mode?

DND toggle control

To customize the DND mode, you can head right into the Settings and then tap on “Do Not Disturb” to go on tweaking it (as shown in the image above).

You can enable/disable it from here as well – but you can control some advanced options as well.

DND Features: Explained

DND ios 12

1. Scheduled DND

You do not need to even open up the control center in order to trigger the DND mode. If you want the DND mode to be enabled at a specific period of time, you can toggle the “Scheduled” option and then select a from-to time range as shown in the image below.

DND mode

2. Bedtime DND

When you opt to toggle the Bedtime mode, the lock screen will dim irrespective of your brightness setting and the notifications will appear in the notification center. Also, the calls will be silenced until the scheduled DND time gets over.

In addition to this, when you wake up your phone for the first time in the morning with Bedtime enabled, you will be greeted with a Good Morning message.

3. Silence settings

If you want the calls/notifications to be silenced – no matter what – you should select the option to “Always” silent. In either case, if you want to turn on the sound for notifications/calls when you have your device unlocked, you should set it to – “When iPhone is locked“.

4. Call priority

DND ios 12

Of course, you should keep some contacts whitelisted – in case of an emergency. So, you can add them under “Allow Calls From” and set it to either “Everyone” or “No One” or just select a specific group of contacts.

5. DND while driving

DND driving

If you often connect your iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth – you can utilize this feature. Here, the DND mode gets automatically enabled when it detects that you are connected to your Car Bluetooth devices. You can also set it to “Automatically” – so that the DND mode gets activated when it detects motion. And, of course, you could manually do it here when you go for a drive.

6. Auto-Reply

DND auto reply

If someone sends you a text message when in the DND mode or while driving, you can set an automated reply – so they do get informed that you are either driving or busy for some time.

Wrapping Up

The DND mode is quite helpful when you utilize its functionality completely. Of course, we expect to see more features to be added in the next major iOS update, but until then, you should follow what we mentioned above.

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