We’ve all made calls to call centers before for help with a service or product. Those call center menus are rather annoying and some of them have menus within menus which makes navigating them a pain. However, that’s something Google is hoping they can solve with the Pixel 6 phones.

The emphasis Google placed on its new Pixel 6 phones and the Tensor chipset is its machine learning capabilities, which is actually pretty cool. One of those features is that it can learn when you’re calling a call center and will show you information like the menu so you can see which options to choose instead of waiting for the recorded message to read them out to you.

It will also be able to provide users with current and projected wait times so you know when it might be a good time to call. For example, call centers might be particularly busy at night after dinner when people have time to sit down and make a call, so having those current and projected waiting times could be a good way for you to plan your calls so you don’t have to wait too long on the line.

This is essentially an expansion of Google’s Hold For Me feature, which uses Google Assistant to stay on the line for you so you can do other things, and will alert you when a call center representative finally answers the phone.

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