Ever wonder how some videos you see achieve such a smooth gliding effect when moving forwards, backwards, and side to side? This is largely thanks to devices called gimbals that help provide a counterbalance to cameras and allow them to remain steady even when they’re in motion.

If you’re a budding filmmaker trying to achieve those effects, you might be interested to learn that Zhiyun has announced its latest camera gimbal called the Crane M3. The Crane M3 has been designed with mirrorless cameras in mind and while there are a bunch of those out there already, the Crane M3 has some unique features that help differentiate it from the competition.

This includes a tiny LED light that can help illuminate the scene (to a certain extent) as well as a built-in screen. It also features a quick-release design that lets you swap in and out cameras that might use different plates without needing to rebalance the gimbal. There is also a quarter-inch adapter so users can mount a professional microphone if they need.

Zhiyun also claims that with the Crane M3, they’ve upgraded the motors to offer a stronger torque compared to its predecessors, and will come with a better grip and will be compatible with 90% of mirrorless cameras out there. The Crane M3 is priced starting at $369 for the gimbal only, but there are more expensive options that come with additional accessories.

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