If you’re old enough, there’s a good chance you might still use the term “dial” when you refer to phone numbers, for example, “dial a number”. This is actually in reference to phones back in the day that had a rotary dial that you had to spin in order to input the numbers needed to complete a phone number.

These days the term is still used somewhat, even though technically none of us are actually physically dialing anything. That being said, Fisher Price is looking to revive the good old days because they have debuted a new toy for kids called the Chatter Phone.

What’s interesting about this toy is that unlike other toys that are actually designed to resemble modern day smartphones, the Chatter Phone is designed with a rotary dial that looks like phones from back in the day. The best and most interesting part is that it actually supports Bluetooth and can pair with your smartphone.

This means that kids can actually use this device to make and receive calls with, so if they’re at home and you want to reach them, this is one way you can do so. Heck, it might even be fun for adults to own it since it would be kind of novel to receive calls in this fashion.

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