These days, we’re starting to see more computers come with NVMe SSDs, and DIY-ers are also opting to use NVMe SSDs for faster storage. Unfortunately, it seems that these faster speeds are being negated in Windows 11.

This is according to a report from Neowin who cites a post on Microsoft’s forums by user MJ_JasonM. According to the post, it seems that following the update to Windows 11, they have noticed that the performance of their NVMe SSD has been halved compared to when it was running Windows 10.

The user acknowledges that while drive speeds do fluctuate, dropping speeds by more than half seems like it could be a problem rather than regular fluctuations. In a post on Reddit, a member of Microsoft’s file systems team Neal Christiansen has confirmed that to be an issue, but also stated that Microsoft is investigating the matter.

In another post by commenter Jeff C., it has been suggested that maybe Microsoft’s drivers could be at fault. Jeff noted that their NVMe drives using Microsoft’s driver has the same issue, but the Intel drive that uses its own driver performs at full speed. Hopefully Microsoft will have a fix for the issue soon, but when exactly it is expected to be patched remains unclear.

This means that until then, users who rely heavily on their NVMe drives might want to steer clear of upgrading to Windows 11 for now, or if you’ve upgraded already, you should probably take this issue into account.

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