Dell’s XPS 13 Plus laptop has been a very popular laptop choice for years. Given its price to performance ratio, not to mention the fact that it is relatively compact, makes it perfect for students who need to take a laptop to their classes, or for people who are on the go often and need a small and compact laptop to bring with them.

That being said, it seems that for the 2022 model, Dell has decided to give the XPS 13 Plus a bit of a face lift on the interior of the laptop. Gone are the chiclet-style keys for the keyboard, where Dell has now opted to create a more seamless-looking keyboard. Some users might prefer the older keyboard where the keys are more spaced out, but this is not a bad look.

Dell has also opted to “hide” the trackpad, so instead of a dedicated space, the entire palm rest becomes the trackpad. It helps to create a seamless and cleaner look, but we imagine that some users could be confused at the start.

Also, what’s very interesting is that Dell has adopted to ditch the physical function keys. Does this look and sound familiar? If this reminds you a bit of Apple’s failed Touch Bar experiment, then you’re kind of right. However, instead of an adaptive display that can change according to the program you’re using, these are fixed so the functions will always remain the same.

As for its hardware, the 2022 Dell XPS 13 Plus will feature the use of Intel’s new 12th gen series of processors and will support up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of storage. The laptop will be available in the Spring of 2022.

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