If you’re someone who shops regularly on Amazon, then subscribing to its Prime service might be a good idea. For an annual fee, you’ll get access to a bunch of perks like free/faster shipping as well as access to Amazon’s various services like music and video. However, it looks like it’s about to get more expensive.

The company has revealed that its Prime service will now cost $139 a year. This is up by $20 from its previous price of $119 a year. There various factors led to them increasing the price of the service, such as shipping, labor, construction, and more, but we suppose this is to be expected of most services.

To Amazon’s credit though, the company has tried to hold off increasing its prices for a long time. Amazon Prime was initially launched at $79 a year which they managed to maintain for almost a decade before bumping it up to $99 in 2014. They then increased the price again in 2018, so for them to bump the prices every few years isn’t too bad.

Amazon is obviously not the only company to hike its prices as we have seen other platforms, especially Netflix, increase their price occasionally. It is still largely worth it if Amazon is your primary online retailer, but it might be a harder pill to swallow for those who are new to the service.

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