The new Vivo X Fold is another sign that foldable phones are becoming more common as retail products after a few years of existence. The current usage model is now well-understood, and the foldable display technology is now available to more manufacturers.

The 8-inch primary foldable 2K OLED display uses LTPO 3.0 technology that allows a 1-120Hz variable rate. The 6.53-inch cover OLED display is pretty large, and both are larger than the Z Fold3 displays. This makes the Vivo X Fold a genuine alternative to Samsung’s star foldable.

Just released, the Vivo X Fold has the advantage of having the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor platform, a gamer’s favorite.

Such a powerful platform is ideal for driving graphics on such a large display, and it’s one of the perfect use cases for the increased graphics performance over the Snapdragon 888 that equips the Z Fold3.

There’s an 8GB RAM/256GB version, but I feel like the 12GB/512GB model would be a better choice for an extra $150. Yes, a retail price of $1410-$1580 for these different models is high, but foldables remain unique and expensive.

All that performance is supported by a 4600 mAh fast-charging battery (66W), which is a great size, given the industrial design challenges posed by Foldables.

Last but certainly not least, the Vivo X Fold has an exciting camera system, with a 50 MP Primary camera (OIS), an 8MP long-zoom camera, a 12MP short-zoom portrait camera, and a 48MP ultrawide camera. This makes it a very complete and fully-featured camera system, perhaps the most powerful of any foldable.

Vivo has collaborated with Zeiss on this camera, and usually, these collaborations would involve Zeiss software to contribute to subjective photo tuning to bring a unique photo signature.

Overall, this is a great launch, and the device is a serious Samsung competitor, at least on paper. We’ll see how good it is when we take one for a spin. Unfortunately, today’s launch only concerns China, and we don’t know when the Vivo X Fold will make it to the rest of the world.

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