To the surprise of many, Xiaomi showed its CyberOne humanoid robot (official page), a 5.8 feet tall (115 Lbs) robot that can move autonomously and recognize human emotions and surrounding sounds it hears.

The OLED face would allow CyberOne to express emotions and inform users about its status. By the way, did you notice the resemblance with the Tesla Bot? Xiaomi’s CyberDog looks cooler in my opinion.

Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun made the robot come onto the scene for a quick selfie. CyberOne’s walking is rigid, timid, and nowhere near as fast as Boston Robotics’ robots. But, there’s admittedly not a lot of competition out there.

With today’s estimated price of around $100,000, CyberOne will not be mass-produced anytime soon, but we think it can serve as a good experimentation platform for Xiaomi.

We’ve seen extraordinary progress in the industrial robotics space in the past few years, with robots using artificial intelligence (AI) to learn goal-based skills instead of mimicking pre-recorded motions.

These robots can workaround unforeseen problems such as going around unexpected objects that should not be on the assembly line.

Conceptually all this work around robots, including the extraordinary tech from Boston Robotics, could someday take the form of a domestic helper robot. However, we’re still far from that.

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