Insta360, a very well-known name in the world of cameras and imaging technology, has recently entered the smartphone gimbal market with its latest offering, the Insta360 Flow. The gimbal aims to simplify the process of capturing professional-quality video footage with your smartphone.

Arriving as a direct competitor for the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 range of smartphone gimbals, the Flow has put up a decent fight in matching DJI’s features, with the added advantage of a built-in tripod and a 215mm (8.5-inch) selfie stick. It also has a built-in cold shoe mount for a microphone, which is missing from the Osmo Mobile 6. Additionally, Insta360’s Flow boasts a larger 2,900mAh battery, providing up to 12 hours of use (compared to DJI’s 6 hours and 24 minutes).

One of the most exciting features is the “Shot Genie,” which recommends the ideal settings for capturing a particular scene based on over 80 example scenarios. Insta360’s software can give you hints on how to film several different scenarios, as well as assist with editing, using FlashCut. The app includes various shooting modes, such as dolly zooms, time-lapses, and panoramas and the gimbal even supports hands-free gesture control and a “Live Mode” for keeping yourself in the frame while on video calls or streaming.

Offered in two colors (white and gray) and priced at $159.99, The Insta360 Flow is available now in the US, Europe, and Japan offering a whole new way of filming moments with your smartphone. While its features are impressive, we’ll have to wait for full reviews to hit the market to determine how well the gimbal performs in practice or how accurate and reliable its tracking technology is.

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