Pantheone Audio, an Australian design firm, has just released its second speaker, named The Obsidian (via Yanko Design). We are talking about a high-end speaker that combines exquisite design and exceptional sound quality. Inspired by the glass-like rock that shares its name, the Obsidian’s design features a shard-shaped exterior with chiseled edges that make it stand out from other smart speakers on the market. It boasts a high-density resin cabinet that houses a powerful internal woofer and two silk dome tweeters, that promise to deliver a refined audio experience.

Available in black and white colors, the Obsidian is not only an attractive addition to any home or office, but it also features Amazon’s Alexa built-in, allowing for voice commands to control music playback and smart home appliances. With a front-firing speaker array and a built-in battery that provides up to 15 hours of playtime, it can be considered a versatile speaker to be placed anywhere in the room not to mention that it is also compatible with all leading streaming services and supports popular file formats, including lossless audio formats.

The company behind its development describes the Obsidian as “an art piece that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space”. The speaker’s unique shape and style make it an object of curiosity that calls out to be touched and heard. Both black and white variants feature a hand-made polished resin outer shell and the front has an ABS plastic grill covered in high-quality acoustic fabric, and four backlit buttons at the bottom for manual navigation of the speaker’s functions, such as controlling volume and switching between WiFi, Bluetooth, or Aux modes.

Priced at $1,399, the Obsidian can be considered a premium speaker, offering exceptional sound quality and a striking design. The companion app enables users to control the system through their phones (or tablets) and access many extra features like, for example, sleep mode or multi-room mode (pairing multiple Obsidian speakers together).

The Obsidian is indeed an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-end speaker that is both beautiful and functional. Which color is your favorite?

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