Today, the tech accessory brand CASETiFY has introduced a highly protective phone case at the IFA 2023 event, targeting the consumer market. The Ultra Bounce Case aims to enable users to explore the limits of extreme protection, boasting an impressive ability to endure single drops from heights up to 10 meters (32 feet).

In addition to meeting the 10X Military Grade Standard (MIL-STD 810G 516.7), the case offers extensive customization, featuring diverse fonts, patterns, and colors available in the broad range of design options that CASETiFY is famous for.

Ultra Bounce Corners with compression ribs and air cavities.

A CASETiFY’s Internal research has revealed that over 90% of screen cracks arise from corner impacts during falls. The Ultra Bounce Case incorporates an advanced 6-Layered Rugged Protection System to tackle this issue. At the core of this system lies the innovative Ultra Bounce Corner, featuring expanded bumper archings containing compression ribs and air cavities. This design provides structural reinforcement and added rigidity upon impact.

Integrated Camera Lens Module to shield camera components.

Touted as the second layer of defense by CASETiFY, the Integrated Camera Lens Module addresses a common vulnerability. According to the manufacturer, many cases on the market neglect camera protection. The Ultra Bounce Case incorporates a 1.2mm raised camera ring and a 2.2mm raised Lens Cover. This dual mechanism ensures critical camera components remain shielded during accidental drops.

Proprietary EcoShock material with innovative shock absorption system

The third pivotal element involves CASETiFY’s proprietary EcoShock material, strategically layered to reinforce the inner sides and back of the Ultra Bounce Case. Operating at a molecular level, this remarkable material converts impact kinetic energy into heat, dispersing it across the case’s surface via a twister pattern.

Alongside the integrated Camera Lens Cover, Ultra Bounce Corners, and EcoShock inner lining, the Ultra Bounce Case finalizes its 6-Layered Rugged Protection System with an additional X-shaped EcoShock lining on the inner side.

Sustainable case made of recycled materials

Environmental consciousness is a core consideration for CASETiFY, which perfectly aligns with IFA 2023’s sustainability theme. The Ultra Bounce Case is manufactured sustainably through the company’s “Re/CASETiFY” upcycling program. Acknowledged by FastCompany with a 2022 nomination for the World-Changing Ideas Award, this initiative has already diverted over 430,000 phone cases from landfills, repurposing around 40,000kg of plastic.

In conclusion, CASETiFY’s latest phone case aims to redefine mass-market protection through advanced engineering, customizable aesthetics, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

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