HONOR launched its flagship HONOR Magic6 Pro globally at MWC in Barcelona after unveiling the device in China on January 11.

Featuring Qualcomm’s flagship SOC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, that delivers 30% improved CPU performance and 25% better GPU performance over the previous generation, the HONOR Magic6 Pro promises to pack impressive performances on par with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

My unit I features 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage (launched at 1299 Euros), RAM options go up to 16GB with up to 1 TB of storage.


The HONOR Magic6 Pro symmetrical slim design is inspired by luxury wearables and introduces what the company calls the “cushion-shaped” design language. Available in Black and Epi Green color options, it offers a sleek matte finish or a dynamic ripple leather design. With IP68 water and dust resistance, it ensures durability and reliability for outdoor use.

The HONOR NanoCrystal Shield enhances durability for the Magic6 Pro, certified by SGS for “Five Star Glass Drop Resistance.” According to HONOR, advanced materials increase crystal density by 50%, offering “ten times” more robust protection than regular glass.


The HONOR Magic6 Pro aims at enhancing users’ visual experience with its 6.8-inch All-range Low-power LTPO Eye Comfort Display. Boasting a resolution of 2800×128011 and supporting a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, it delivers sharp, detailed visuals. With a peak HDR brightness of 5000 nits, the display ensures vibrant colors and excellent visibility in bright conditions. Featuring a 1-120 Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate, it offers smooth transitions and scrolling.

The device features 8T LTPO Display technology, optimizing power consumption for the Always-on Display mode, consuming 30% less power than the previous generation. Dolby Vision certification ensures accurate color reproduction.

Cutting-edge features include Dynamic Dimming, Customizable Circadian Night Display, Nature Tone, and 4320Hz PWM Dimming. The display received Triple TÜV Certifications, ensuring user-friendly and flicker-free viewing. Customizable Circadian Night Display, enhanced with AI, dynamically adjusts to users’ sleep cycles, promoting a more restful experience. Nature Tone dynamically adapts display colors based on the environment.


This time, Honor makes very interesting choices concerning the camera system, with a very good Primary camera and an extremely high-resolution Zoom camera (180MP). This is an out-of-the-box choice as traditionally, the optical zoom lens was often the leverage to higher long-distance photo performance. Honor is betting on sensor-cropping paired with a 2.5X optical zoom to create a high-performance 5X optical zoom. We’ll put it to the test later.

Periscope Telephoto Camera

This camera module features a high-resolution 180MP sensor, sized at 1/1.49 inches, with an aperture of f/2.6. It is designed to enhance zoom capabilities through optical and sensor-crop zoom (that’s the whole point of having a 180MP sensor), providing detailed images from a distance, especially in broad daylight. In low-light conditions, it employs a pixel binning across groups of 16 pixels to improve light capture, thereby enhancing image quality.

Primary Camera

The primary camera, known as the “Super Dynamic Falcon Camera H9000”, incorporates a 1/1.3-inch sensor. It offers a significant dynamic range improvement, with a 210% enhancement over the dynamic range found in the HONOR Magic5 Pro. This camera features a variable aperture between f/1.4 and f/2.0, a rarity in mobile phone cameras, facilitating faster shutter speeds for sharper images. The wider f/1.4 aperture setting should also improves low-light photography, allowing for richer, more detailed nighttime shots.

Ultrawide Camera

Equipped with a 50MP sensor, this camera provides a broad 122° field of view, making it ideal for capturing expansive landscapes and large group photos. It has an f/2.0 aperture, balancing the need for wide-angle shots without significantly compromising on light intake, ensuring that the photos have adequate brightness and detail across various lighting conditions.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro introduces AI to enhance sports photography, offering an intelligent experience by identifying the optimal moment for capturing images in various sports events. Its Falcon Camera System, powered by AI Motion Sensing technology and an algorithm trained with over 8 million images across 10 mainstream sports, allows for precise scenario recognition and action capture.

This technology ensures the camera can accurately identify body movements and facial expressions, ideal for seizing dynamic moments in sports with exceptional clarity and precision. The device’s performance in capturing fast-paced actions surpasses many competitors, even in challenging lighting conditions.

The company says that users could capture fast-moving sports actions, comparing its capabilities with other high-end smartphones, and exploring its automatic and manual capture features to highlight its superior speed and image clarity.


The HONOR Magic6 Pro boasts rapid charging capabilities with its 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge and 66W HONOR Wireless SuperCharge, fully charging the device in just 40 minutes with the provided charger. The Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery, powered by the Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1, enhances power management and battery performance.

This chipset integrates energy meter, protection, and anti-counterfeit circuits into a compact design, offering advanced functionality while maintaining a small form factor. Additionally, it features a customized low-temperature algorithm for optimal performance in extreme conditions, accompanied by a tailored battery algorithm to improve capacity calculations and overall efficiency.

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