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Moto G Stylus 5G: A $399 Pen-Enabled Productivity Phone
Motorola launched its new Moto G Stylus 5G, which enters a highly competitive sub-$400 5G market with a pen-enabled phone.The new phone comes with a huge 6.8” FHD+ “Max Vision” display which promises to be very readable and comfortable to look at. The large size lends itself extremely well for the e-Pen support, which is not common in that market segment.

Infinix Note 10 Series Features 6.95-inch Displays
Infinix has announced its new “Note” series, with two models in the 2021 Note 10 lineup: the Infinix Note 10 Pro (~$259, image below) and Infinix Note 10 ($199, image above). Both are addressing the large-phone “multimedia beast” type of market but at slightly different price points.Their 6.95” displays (FHD+, 1080×2460) should make any visual application extremely agreeable to use. The panels are based on IPS LCD technology, which typically […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 Unpacked
Today, Samsung has launched the latest Galaxy Book laptops, with the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. The overarching idea behind these laptops is the increased integration with Samsung smartphones and smart devices.Samsung’s ambition to create a tighter ecosystem that ultimately powers a better user experience isn’t new, but it looks like this round of products is advancing that goal faster than before. In recent years, Samsung has […]

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3: A True Full-Screen SmartphoneEditor's Pick
Xiaomi has launched its new flagship Mi MIX 3 phone during a Beijing event held in the Forbidden City, arguably the most exclusive place in China, and pre-orders have already started.


iPad 3 to be launched on Steve Jobs' birthday?
Like clockwork, rumors for the new iPad have started up again. Just like last year when the iPad 2 was what everybody was looking for, this time around it’s the iPad 3 that has everybody’s attention. There are a lot of rumors about the device floating around – higher resolution and smaller form factor being the biggest of the lot. Now there’s a new one that’s recently surfaced – the […]

iPhone 5 to be launched 14th October in US, UK, France, Germany and Japan? (updated)
While the iPhone 5 has yet to be announced, many are already speculating about its launch date. The general consensus seems to be that the iPhone 5 will be announced in some time in October, although recent reports are suggesting that come this 4th October, the much awaited handset will be announced at an event which will be held at Apple’s Cupertino campus, but as far as launch dates are […]

Google Wallet to launch later today?
Google Wallet is set to launch later today – at least according to the folks at Tech Crunch who managed to get their hands on a screenshot of an internal document that’s been passed around to stores nationwide. The document clearly states that “Google Wallet is launching September 19, 2011.” which is today. No word on whether there’s going to be an event in commemoration of the launch, or just […]

Netflix "Just for Kids" officially launched
Last week we reported about some Netflix users being able to access the “Just for Kids” tab while using the service and today, it looks the company is done with testing out the user interface. Netflix has officially announced the launch of its “Just for Kids” experience that will be available to all Netflix members starting today.

TabCo tablet unveiled as the Fusion Garage Grid10
Finally, the day of unveiling has arrived. If you remember last week, we reported about the official launch of the TabCo tablet this morning, and just like they promised, the tablet was unveiled. So, did the tablet live up to all the hype it was generating? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. For starters, TabCo has turned out to be a company named Fusion Garage. Just in […]

Heello: a Twitter clone from TwitPic founder
Tired of Twitter? Do you feel like starting over in a brand new, unpopulated micro-blogging social network? Well, you now can. The creator of TwitPic has launched his own version of Twitter called Heello (which is strangely difficult to type). And just like Twitter, you can update people about what you’ve been up to, communicate with them, and even share pictures. But instead of Tweets, you have Pings, instead of […]

Nokia N9 won't be available in America at launch
For those of you in the US waiting to get your hands on Nokia’s first (and last) MeeGo phone, the N9 – we’ve got some bad news for you. The folks over at Engadget recently got in touch with Nokia to determine a shipping date for the phone, and they’ve just received the terrible news: the N9 won’t be available in the USA – at least not at launch date, […]

Huawei Vision Android phone launched
Huawei has just announced the launch of a new smartphone to its high-end Android lineup. Called the Huawei Vision, this Android-powered device will come with some pretty decent specs to match its sleek curves. The Huawei Vision will run on a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8255 processor, pack a 3.7″ display, a 5-megapixel auto focus rear camera with LED flash and 720p HD video recording, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of […]

Nintendo Video comes to the US
The video broadcasting service from Nintendo, Nintendo Video, launched in Japan about a week ago, while folks on this side of the world were left waiting for it to arrive. The wait is finally over. In a press release today, Nintendo has officially announced the launch of the Nintendo Video service in the US. In case you have no idea what Nintendo Video is, it is an app for the […]

Mac OS X Lion officially released
The day is finally here – after confirmation from Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer yesterday, today will mark the release of the long awaited update to the Mac OS X operating system, Lion. Here’s what the update will bring, in case you needed a refresher:

Spotify has landed in the US
Like we mentioned earlier today, July 14th marks a momentous occasion as Spotify has officially arrived on this side of the world. In an official press release issued today that is aptly titled “Hello America. Spotify here.” the popular music streaming service from Europe is now here. It is touted as the second single largest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe – so it is a pretty […]

Official Scrabble game now on Android
Tired of playing Scrabble clones on your Android smartphone? Well, you won’t have to anymore. Hasbro has just announced the release of Scrabble for Android today. Joining Scrabble for iOS and Facebook, Scrabble for Android will also support cross platform gaming to ensure you won’t ever run out of players or friends to pit your word building skills against.Scrabble for Android also lets you save your games via the Cloud, […]

Clear Channel to launch new iHeartRadio
If you haven’t heard of iHeartRadio, you’re probably going to hear about it in the near future. Clear Channel has just announced its new app/service called iHeartRadio that is scheduled to launch this fall. If you’re wondering – hasn’t iHeartRadio already been out for some time now? Well, it’s going to undergo a major revamp. According to Clear Channel, the new iHeartRadio will “reinvent the digital radio experience for music […]

Moodagent 3.0 for webOS launched
Moodagent has just launched a tablet-dedicated version of its popular playlisting solution, Moodagent 3.0. And instead of making its debut on iOS or Android like a lot of other tablet apps, Moodagent has decided to go with the underdogs this time around – by making it available on webOS first. In case you didn’t know, Moodagent is an interesting app that helps users to create playlists based on their chosen […]

Facebook launches Group Chat, New Design and Video Calling
At the Facebook HQ today, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of some exciting new features to the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. After spending the past six months working on most of these features, it looks like the summer holidays for Facebook users are going to get a lot better with the unveiling of Group Chat, an improved design for the chat buddy list, and video calling.

Facebook "awesome" launch happening today
Last week we reported that Facebook will be announcing “something awesome” this week, and it looks like today’s the day. According to invitations sent out by Facebook, today will be the day of the announcement. At 10am PT (that’s about an hour away from time of me writing this, Facebook will be launching something interesting to the whole world. While we have no idea what it is, yet, there are […]