Mark your calendars for this Sunday, 25 February 2024, as we’ll be attending the HONOR Global Launch Event set to unfold in Barcelona, Spain, just ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2024.

HONOR will undoubtedly unveil a series of new products, and the event promises to showcase new advancements in mobile AI technology and how they are being integrated into consumer electronics to enhance user experiences.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 25 February 2024
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Live Stream Start Time: 13:30 CET

How to Watch

For those not on-site, the event will be accessible via a live stream, allowing viewers from around the globe to partake in the excitement. The live stream provides a convenient way for everyone to stay informed about the latest HONOR developments.

We’ve conveniently embedded the video in this article, and there are more social links below.

What to Expect

HONOR has been tight-lipped about the specifics of the products set to be announced to preserve the surprise. In past years, attendees and viewers enjoyed the announcement of new mobile devices, especially for the European market.

We already know that AI will be everywhere, but it’s about witnessing firsthand how this brand will use it to advance its user experience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a potential consumer, or someone intrigued by the rapid advancements in AI, this event is poised to offer new insights. Make sure to tune in and be part of a moment that could set the tone for the first half of 2024.

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