Tecno unveiled the Dynamic 1 robotic AI dog at the MWC 2024 in Barcelona, drawing inspiration from the German Shepherd breed. Engineered to emulate real-life canine behavior, Dynamic 1 brings remarkable capabilities, including stair navigation, handshakes, handstands, and jumping.

Fueled by an AI Hypersense Fusion System and an 8-core ARM CPU, this robotic dog is equipped with various sensors such as a RealSense D430 depth camera, dual optical sensors, and infrared sensors for precise environmental perception. Voice command recognition is enabled through integrated microphones, and it can respond to commands from a smartphone app or remote via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Navigating at a speed of 3.7 meters per second, Dynamic 1 incorporates a headlight system that not only illuminates its path but also functions as an indicator during interactions with people. The 15,000 mAh battery provides a 90-minute lifespan, featuring a unique approach to recharging through quick battery exchanges and simultaneous charging rather than a traditional USB-C port.

Tecno’s Dynamic 1 wasn’t the sole robotic dog showcased at MWC 2024 — Xiaomi also presented the CyberDog 2, an upgraded version of its 2021 predecessor. This newer iteration boasts a smaller and lighter design, enhanced power, and intelligence facilitated by new sensors and an improved AI processor.

Because they’re still in the early stages of development, we don’t know when these tech marvels will be mass-produced and reach the market, but for us tech fans, it’s indeed something interesting to keep an eye on.

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